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Welcome to the Exhibition "Between Virtual and Real"

The exhibition Utopias has been a great success with more than 43.000 website visitors in 2014. The participating students, anthropology alumni as well as the artists expressed the wish to continue the project-open-art. The project’s idea was and still is to provide artists from all over the world and a global audience the opportunity to meet virtually in a borderless and timeless space: to show cast art, to see art, to get in touch with one another.

With our new exhibition topic between virtual and real we build on this idea once again. The real piece of art becomes a virtual piece of art in the project-open-art: the virtual space becomes an option to break narrow concepts of time, space, and ascription open.

Dr. Andreas Volz



Film interview with Eddie Hara participant in the Exhibition "Between Virtual and Real".
Find Part 02 of the interview and Eddie Hara at Work on the artist's page.
 - Basel 07/02/2017 -







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