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Concept of the project

Concept of the project

Our group consists of a lecturer and students of the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology and alumnis of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg/Germany. In the environment of a so-called project seminar, we established a new form of art display: a virtual exhibition platform where artists can display their work online. In this way, artists are no longer bound to one location (gallery, museum, square, street), accessible to just one attending audience, but their art will be set free from pre-determined locations and times by presenting it in a virtual, illimitable room.
Furthermore, we want to reflect the contemporary phenomena of  `virtual reality´ and its effects on reception, perception and on the relationship between artist, work and observer. What we are doing is moving the artwork into a digital space so that the image is part of the dominating digital empire. Using the internet enables the participant to move through mulitdimensions and create new possibilties beyond the computer itself. The person in front of the computer, is going to be both – a viewer and a user in the interaction with the artwork. This interactions create a new level of audience satisfaction. The visitor’s digital behaviour enables him/her to make various gestures that take on special meaning in the context of interaction and reception – every simple “click” is a responsible online action. Which artwork is the visitor going to look at? Which possibilities or risks accompany the use of the virtual room? Are we going to falsify the reception of the exhibited artwork? Or are there impalpable possibilities of the open stage character of the virtual exhibition?
To perceive art, to involve oneself with art in every part of the world, everyday and at all times and to be able to interactively exchange ideas with the artists and those interested in art, can be seen as an extremely democratic form of art reception. We don’t want to categorize the art work according to ethnicity, nationality or descent of the artist. Our main focus is on the art work itself, the discussion about the artwork and the interpretation of the topics in our temporary exhibitions. To avoid any constraints of the artistic creativity we don’t intervene in forms of expression. That’s why the concept of Project-open-art is very wide spread and dynamic, including painting, photography, graffiti, video installations and poetry. Project-open-art provides an opportunity for artists and audience to present, meet, talk, discuss, and exchange ideas about art.
For us it is important to allow the project to develop by the participating people, by their art, and by their ideas. However, we can offer a sort of “public relations” for contemporary art by cross-linking to galleries, art departments, universities, museums, exhibitions, other projects etc. as well as to the artists’ website/contact if wanted. As a non-profit organisation we are unable to pay for participation and for lending fees. We will make all efforts to maintain copyright, and of course, we will respect your rights on your art work.


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