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Train Troll

Train Troll:

Train Troll
2006, Sierre, Switzerland.
Stills.Dimensions variable.
Performance less than 1 minute.
Video: 1 min 20sec.

Traintroll is a video of a performance I enacted in Sierre, Switzerland at a specific location. The location was on the other side of the train tracks (opposite the train station) in a hole in a large concrete platform. I hid down in the hole and waited for the announcement that the train was about to leave. I then popped my head up, waited a few moments and, as the train left, jumped out of the hole and ran after it.

In the book Temporary Urban Spaces, there is an article written by Andreas Spiegl and Christian Tackert entitled: " Tom Waits 4'33'' ". In reference to the platform they write:

"The platform was a space that only represented a space of time, a temporary use that promised another space." (2006:99)

"... It made him think of all the terms applied to such places: transit spaces, non-locations, and non-places... as if they all lacked something. But the spaces were filled with different speeds and times, with temporalities, full of desire for other places, with memories of other spaces." 


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