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Snow Dive

Chippies, Switzerland, 2006. Collaborative Performance Digital Print 838mm X 573mm


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Discription of the performance "Snow Dive"


Snowswimming Project is a project which was inspired from an accident (a 'mis-take'). Once, when walking up in Crans Montana I got lost and came across a huge expanding field of snow below me. There was a fence I had to climb over in order to get onto the white landscape. I jumped over the fence and was shocked as I landed in snow up to my shoulders! The camera and the tripod were the only things keeping me up. I literally had to swim through the snow until I could stand. I set up my camera and filmed this action of swimming in the snow again. I had an audience to my left in a hotel looking down on me and paragliders flying above me.Thus, because I enjoyed the action so much I decided to create a 5 man Snowswimming Team. The team swam up in the mountains above the little town of Sierre for approximately 20 minutes.


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