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discription grap hold tightly and pull down hard

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Grab Hold Tightly and Pull Down Hard
Venue: Old abandoned Cinema next to the Drill Hall
Performers:Anthea Moys (SA), Athi Patra Ruga (SA) and Vitshois Mwilambwe (DRC).
Camera:Steffi Weismann (CH)
Concept:Dorothee Kreutzfeldt
Editor:Anthea Moys
Part of the Kin:Be:Jozi Residency Project 6 weeks 6 artists- 2 from DRC, 2 from SA and 2 from CH

What actions come to mind when walking through the city
Senses over alert
A self-defence book falls into my lap while having some pap and veggies in Newtown with Athi Patra
Exercise, the need to do something
To take this urgency of getting fit, of getting strong for the world and literally taking it outside of its 'normal' surrounds- i.e. being the gym.

"Interventions are temporary intrusions in a site that seek to make alternatives evident."
(Spiegl and Teckert:2006:12)

Ride your bike
Dance your dance
Tape up your face
Whilst I ride nowhere for no specific reason
But that's just the beauty of it isn't it?- for no specific reason
Turn the light on in your ass
Sun shines out
Silhouettes dance in Grab Hold Tightly and Pull Down Hard their own way
Interaction challenging and invigorating
Self-defence acting dancing playing gaming repeating

All these actions for me- throughout the whole project-, in some way or another in their simplest terms "seek to make alternatives evident." Whatever those alternatives may be- highlighting difference (nationality, space, language, race etc). Each artist I feel brought something to the table whereby they acted or intervened within a space and made something evident in their own way through action.


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