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Explanation World Map

Project Open Art has the aim to be an international and global project. For this reason we decided to choose a map of the world as our central element. The design of the map is based on a variety of ideas.

The pixeled structure of the map represent on the one hand the web-based presentation of our project and on the other hand symbolises the prospering globalisation of the worldwide communication, which allows us to cooperate with artists from different continents.

Through the use of the pixeled structure occurs a distortion of the geographical proportions. This distortion reflects our attempt to judge and regard art, artists and human beings not on base of their nationality. Borders disappear and contours become blurred even if the pixeled structure seems very sharp. Self claimed centres of the world become suddenly insignificant by this process.

The choose of the colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) not only represents the basic colours of graphic, and the colours with which you can compound all kinds of colours, but also the global room in which we all are located.


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