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The exchange between students and artists – an example

At this point I´m going to write about my personal experience in participating in the Project Open Art – Focusing on the new temporary exhibition UTOPIA. Part of my responsibility was to contact one of the participating artists, who participated in the project before. Therefore, the artisit was already familiar with the organization and structure of the project.
One of the alumni students who already established contact with an artist, shared her past experiences with me. Through this project, she got to know the artist and is still in touch with him today. She told me about her fascination for his projects and the messages behind his art. With this in mind, I wrote my first e-mail to the artist at the beginning of the summer semester 2014. I wrote him about the new exhibition idea UTOPIA and the planned exhibition in July 2014. A lot of the other students were complaining about the difficulties contacting the artists, but I was lucky to have established contact quickly.
He was eager to participate in the new exhibition and he sent me his first artwork for the new exhibition right away. A few weeks later, he sent me additional artwork along with explanations. To keep him up to date, I sent him information about the ongoing progress of the project. All those weeks spent communicating with the artist and working on the project, showed me the interesting cooperation between students and artists through the virtual space. Not only, have I got a better understanding of his themes and artistic activities in his environment. But as well, I learned a lot about how to deal with art in a virtual room. The communication and exchange of information with the artist was not the only difficulty– I think we all were confronted with specific questions, problems and challenges in organising a virtual exhibition.


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